I do not believe in burning bridges. I have no idea if, or when, my path will cross with someone I used to walk beside.

Life is fragile. We cannot afford to hold grudges. I was sad reading about Jephthah, in light of my father-in-law’s passing.

Judges 11:7, 8, “But Jephthah said to them, ‘Aren’t you the ones who hated me and drove me from my father’s house? Why do you come to me now when you’re in trouble?’ ‘Because we need you,’ the elders replied. . . .” New Living Translation

We were always welcomed at my father-in-law’s house. He was always happy to see us. He never let us leave without saying, “I love you, kids” and “I’m proud of you.” He still called us kids, even after we became grandparents!

Dear Father God,

Thank you for caring parents. As we gather with extended family this week, I pray that you bless our time together. Draw us closer together. I pray for safety as they travel here for the funeral. 

In Jesus Name,


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