I’m turning into Elsa. She was the queen in the movie, “Frozen.” Her famous song was, “Let It Go.”

Everyone grieves differently. Some start with the denial stage. Others start with the angry stage. There is no wrong way to grieve – except trying to get revenge.

Judges 15:7, ” ‘Because you did this,’ Samson vowed, ‘I won’t rest until I take my revenge on you!’ ” New Living Translation

I love western books and movies. It didn’t matter if you were enemies when wounded, they took you to where you could get help. They also said repeatedly,

“Don’t speak ill of the dead.”

We cannot bring them back. We cannot change details of past events. When we review old hurts, we only hurt ourselves. We have to give our hurts to God. Only He can heal them. He can’t heal them until we . . .

“Let It Go!”

Dear Father God,

Help us be kind and forgiving to each other as we walk through the next few days. We all grieve differently and we are all hurting. We can’t do this! We don’t want to say goodbye! We know You are with us always and we know You are the one holding us up. Thank You for carrying us through this valley of grief. 

In Jesus Name,


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