Ouch again! (Sometimes, I wish I were not blogging about each verse God points out to me!)

When we have a special event coming up, or are going out-of-town, my first questions are 1) “What will I wear?” and “What, or where, will we eat?”

Luke 12:23, “Life is more than food, and the body is more than clothes.” Modern English Version

Last Saturday we went to Ottumwa to return a few things and to pick up an order. I fussed over my outfit and we debated where to eat. I pondered this verse for a day. What are we supposed to think about?


I look for ways to show kindness to others. Like holding the door for a lady who was helping her aged mother walk out of the store. But I need to consciously ask, “Who?”

David is better at asking, “Who?” On the way home, he suggested we stop at Moms for a short visit. I need to focus on “Who” not “What.”

Dear Father God,

Thank You for the reminder that people are more important than things. Open our eyes to those we can help and bless.

In Jesus Name,


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