Normally, I rest on Sunday afternoon. I will nap and then read or watch a recorded movie. (I don’t watch commercials.) I missed my “day of rest” two weeks in a row, first for a birthday and then for a funeral.

I took a short nap this Sunday and thought I was good. When the alarm went off Monday morning, I was stiff and sore from all the walking on Saturday. (Or maybe from painting the cabinets on Friday!) On top of that, I had a sinus headache. When David left for work, I went back to bed!

I got rid of my headache with a “Vapor Bath” and the lunch David brought home from Taco Johns. I didn’t have a heating pad large enough to cover all the aching muscles. I wasn’t sleepy, just sore and tired. I turned on an old movie.

It was a story of a submarine during the cold war. One way it hid was traveling between the mountains at the bottom of the sea.

Psalms 104:6, “You covered it with the deep as a garment; the waters stood above the mountains.” Modern English Version

I wonder, before the flood, were those mountains inhabited?

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