Saturday, David drove: me, my mom, my sister, and our daughter to our nieces birthday party in Des Moines-2 hours away. (When he told his boss our plans for his Saturday off, his boss said, “Tell them you have to work!”)

On the way, we discussed shopping. Normally, we get home in the afternoon because Mom prefers not to drive after dark. We asked her what our curfew was and she informed us that we didn’t have one because we picked her up.

“All-nighter!” my daughter quipped.

I don’t know about Mom, but I felt like we pulled an all-nighter on Sunday! After the party, we went through a 2 level mall and 3 consignment stores. Before hitting the last one, we fortified ourselves with pieces of pie at “Baker’s Square.”

It surprised me when God told me not to write my blog post, but to rest.

Psalms 23:2, “He makes me lie down in green pastures. . .” Modern English Version

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