We read of David’s victories in the wars over many enemies today. The account is so short that we believe the battles lasted only a day and were easy victories. Psalms 60 gives us a glimpse into David’s prayers during that time.

Was it easy?

  1. You have rejected, scattered us. Take us back, v. 1.
  2. You made the earth tremble and split it open, v. 2.
  3. You have shown us hard times, causing us to stagger, v. 3.
  4. You have given a banner we may flee to from the bow, v. 4.
  5. Deliver, save us with Your right hand, answer us, v. 5.
  6. Have you not cast us off and not gone out with our enemies? v. 10.
  7. Give us help from trouble, v. 11.

Psalms 60:12, “Through God we will do valiantly, for He will tread down our enemies.” Modern English Version

The battles are hard, but God has already won the war. Our job is to stay strong and courageous.

2 Samuel 10:12, “Be strong and let us fight with resolve for the sake of our people and the cities of our God. May the Lord do what seems good to Him.” Modern English Version


1 Chronicles 19:13, “Take courage, and let us prove worthy of our people and the cities of our God. May the Lord do what seems right to Him.” Modern English Version

Priscilla Shirer, daughter of Anthony Evans and star of “War Room,” ends her prayers with this phrase: “. . . and if You have a better plan – do that!”

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