I learned more about the crown King David took from Rabbah the King of the Ammonites. Two days ago, I blogged about the weight of the crown – 75 pounds or 34 kilograms. Today I learned the weight came from one precious stone!

“1 Chronicles 20:2, “Then David took the crown of their king from his head and found it weighed about a talent of gold with a precious stone set in it. . . .” Modern English Version

That must have been some stone!

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Later, in the same chapter, I read of another giant killed by David’s nephew, Jonathan the son of Shimea, (see 1 Chronicles 20:7). Jonathan was a great warrior, but look how 2 Samuel describes his brother!

2 Samuel 13:3, “Now Amnon had a friend whose name was Jonadab the son of Shimeah, the brother of David, and Jonadab was a very crafty individual.” Modern English Version

Their father’s name is spelled differently in the two books, but they both say, “the brother of David.”

How crafty was Jonadab?

He knew Absalom was going to kill Amnon, (see 13:30-36), but he was not with Amnon when he died. Verse 30 tells us the report came while the rest of the sons of David were on their way home. Jonadab knew he would have no influence after Amnon was dead. He made sure he was where he could be the “friend” of King David. He comforted him by assuring him only Amnon was dead, (see 13:32, 33).

Amnon used the same phrase talking to David as Absalom used talking to Tamar, “Don’t take this thing to heart,” (see 13:20, 33 Modern English Version).

“Be quiet now, my sister . . . Don’t take this thing to heart. Absalom urges his sister not to make the matter a public scandal. Meanwhile, he formulates his own secret plans for revenge, (see vv. 22, 28, 32).” New International Version Study Bible Text Notes

The International Standard Version Bible says, “Stop taking this so personally” and the NET Bible says, “Don’t take it so seriously.” There is no offense more “personal” than rape and it was “serious!” Losing her virginity meant she was unsuitable for marriage. She never married or had children. She was desolate for the rest of her life, (see 2 Samuel 13:20). Absalom named his daughter after her, (see 2 Samuel 14:27).

And David lost his firstborn son, the crown prince! How could he keep it a secret that the heir to the throne was dead?

David was afraid of losing a child after Bathsheba’s baby died. That’s why he went to check on Amnon when he learned he was sick. His worse fear came true and Jonadab basically said, “Shut up. Don’t worry about it. Keep it quiet.” Yeah, Jonadab was not a good friend!

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