Ittai, the Gittite, was a foreigner exiled from his country. He arrived in Jerusalem the day before King David fled from Absalom, (see 2 Samuel 15:19-22). He brought all of his men and their families, young and old, (see v. 22).

David fought many wars. He fought against Ittai at some point. The Gittites were inhabitants of Gath, a chief Philistine city,

David subdued the Philistines along with other nations, (see 2 Samuel 8:11, 12). The Gittites were known for their great stature, (see 2 Samuel 21:19; 1 Chronicles 20:5). Goliath was a Gittite from Gath. David killed him when he was a teenager.

God is never early and never late. It was no coincidence that a giant warrior showed up in Jerusalem on that day. God had a job for him.

2 Samuel 18:2, “Then David dispatched the people, one-third under the command of Joab, one-third under the command of Abishai, the son of Zeruiah and brother of Joab, and one-third under the command of Ittai the Gittite. . . .” Modern English Version

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