Joab didn’t like competition. He was commander of David’s army and later of the army of Israel. He killed anyone who threatened his position.

Abner was the commander over Israel’s army when Saul was king. He defected to David after Saul’s death. When Joab found out, he tricked him and killed him, (see 2 Samuel 3:6-39). David recognized that Joab and his brothers were strong and doing evil, (v. 39).

David chose Amasa to replace Joab, (see 2 Samuel 19:13). We don’t know why. Joab tricked Amasa, sliced his stomach open, and left him on the road to die, (see 2 Samuel 20:8-13).

Joab didn’t think he did anything wrong. He claimed his innocence to the woman at Abel.

2 Samuel 20:20, “Far be it,  far be it from me to swallow up or destroy.” Modern English Version

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