I lost another soldier.

This one hurts even worse because he was our niece’s husband. I don’t understand. He was stateside.

He is one of the 34 names on my prayer list of soldiers who have returned safely from deployments. The three soldiers who died were all serving on American soil. My heart was reeling when I got a text, “Pastor Tom passed away.”

I was completely housebound for 3 years. There were few who called and even fewer visitors. When my husband and son started attending Faith Christian Outreach Church, they put a prayer request card in for me. Pastor Tom had not even met me and he called every month. He left me with hope and the faith that it wouldn’t last forever.

It didn’t.

When my daughter-in-law was going through a difficult pregnancy, he called her. They didn’t even attend our church!

What do I say to my newlywed niece who became a widow before her first anniversary? What do I say to Pastor Tom’s wife who has shared a lifetime with him?

Psalms 18:34, “There is no speech and there are no words; their voice is not heard.” Modern English Version


“Loss can make us feel forsaken and utterly destroyed. . . and some may have to wait for heaven where all wrongs will be righted, all wounds healed, all tears wiped away.”

“Restoring What the Locusts Have Eaten”

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