I made grilled cheese with mayonnaise instead of butter last night. (It was a tip I read online.) I heated up chicken noodle soup to go with it because David is fighting off a cough.

The cold weather will be over soon and I am trying to use up the soups in the pantry. Last week, we ate the last frozen pizza. (I don’t like using my oven from April to October.)

On my food inventory, I put an “X” by the items nearing their expiration dates. I am trying to use them up first.

I may even change my food inventory listing by expiration date instead of by category. That would make menu planning easier because I would base it on using the oldest foods first. (Did I just add to my “To Do” list? God give me counsel!)

I make my menus with foods that are in season. That keeps my food costs down. I try to cook most things from scratch and eat out only when I cannot cook.

Proverbs 30:8, “Remove vanity and lies far from me – give me neither poverty nor riches; feed me with food convenient for me.” Modern English Version

Friday night, I used up the Tri-Color Pasta in a casserole. It was a mistake. Grape tomatoes are not in season. They were expensive, hard, and tasteless.

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