We woke up to a light blanket of snow. I’m glad I don’t have to go anywhere today because I need to wash my white, winter coat. I love this coat and receive compliments every time I wear it but if I had car trouble no one would notice me walking on the side of the road. The next coat I buy will be scarlet.

Proverbs 31:21, “She is not afraid of the snow for her household, for all her household are clothed with scarlet.” Modern English Version

I carried my amp back to the storage area after church. Gary B. offered to take it. He knows I want to keep moving heavy things as part of my strength training. I told him I should not carry this amp because it is big and bulky as well as heavy. I cannot grasp it to my chest and lift with my legs. Holding it with one hand and leaning away for balance is not good for my back. He agreed as he picked up the amp with one hand like it was a barbell. (Sigh.)

Proverbs 31:17, “She clothes herself with strength, and strengthens her arms.” Modern English Version

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