Yesterday, I realized I wouldn’t have time to wash my hair before David’s doctor appointment. My hair wasn’t oily and my curls were moderately behaving but I would have felt more presentable with freshly washed hair.

Ecclesiastes 9:8, “At all times may your clothing be white, and let no oil ever lack on your head.” Modern English Version

When I read this verse, I thought of everyone coughing in the waiting room. My clothes were clean but after the doctor visit, they could have contamination. I thought the verse was talking about clean clothes and taking care of your hair and face. But it went further.

“Be clothed in white . . . anoint your head with oil. Expressions of joy (cf Psalms 45:7 and note).” New International Version Study Bible Notes


“. . . oil of joy. God has anointed him with more delightful oil than the aromatic oils with which his head and body were anointed on his wedding day-namely, with joy.” New International Version Study Bible Note on Psalms 45:7

God wants us more than clean and presentable. He wants us as joyful as we were on our wedding day!

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