Gold, silver, lumber, and stone are commodities. Many men died searching for gold and silver. Many men died harvesting lumber and cutting stone. But those are not the wisest commodity.

I King’s 5:10, 11, “So Hiram gave Solomon cedar trees and fir trees as he desired. Solomon gave Hiram twenty thousand kors of wheat for his household and twenty baths of pure oil. This is what Solomon gave to Hiram each year.” Modern English Version

King Solomon. the wisest man who ever lived used a different commodity – food. He fed his household about 5 1/2 tons of flour and 11 tons of meal every day! (Note on Modern English Version Bible.) There were millions in his kingdom who fed off the land. Yet, he had such an abundance of food that he gave 36,000 tons of wheat and 120,000 gallons of oil to King Hiram every year!

A garden is the wisest investment you can make. It is food to eat today, to preserve for winter, to sell or barter, and to send to the Food Bank for the needy. You can’t eat gold, silver, lumber or stone.

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