I grasped Derek’s calves as he inched along the ledge in the stairwell. He wasn’t concerned because his arms are long enough to reach the opposite wall to steady himself.

“How in the world were you able to staple this picture up so high?” 

“I made you do it.”

He couldn’t pull the staple in the top corner and I told him to just remove the artwork. I remember he stretched as far as he could to put that staple in. It’s dark up there; I doubt anyone will notice it.

My collection of priceless artwork is now stacked in my office. I need to buy frames because the construction paper matting provided by the school did not hold up well.

My plan is to wash the coffee spatters off the wall (no one has confessed), fill the staples holes (most of them), and touch up the paint. I may just rest the framed artwork on the back of the ledge. I can display a few each month and may even display some around the house.

David and Derek get frustrated when I have them undo something they weren’t thrilled to do in the first place! Don’t they know God is in the details?

2 Chronicles 3:14, “Then he made the curtain of violet, purple, crimson, and blue thread, and he wove cherubim into it.” Modern English Version

Many versions of this verse say the curtains were purple, crimson, and blue. After all, violet is purple. But violet and purple are two distinct shades.

Purple was the most expensive color available. Lydia was a seller of purple, (see Acts 16:14). She made her living selling cloth dyed in this expensive color. Purple was a symbol of royalty or extreme wealth because it was expensive to produce.

The lavish curtains for the temple had two shades of purple! The artwork my children drew in school is not lavish but they are one of a kind and are certainly priceless to me.

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