Today my granddaughter Olivia turns 6! Her parents have thrown her some pretty big parties. But no one has held a celebration bigger than the one Solomon threw when they dedicated the temple.

2 Chronicles 7:8, “And at the appointed time, Solomon made a feast for seven days, and all Israel – as a very great assembly – was with him, from the entrance of Lebo Hamath in the north to the Brook of Egypt in the south.” Modern English Version

Lebo Hamath was the northern boundary of Israel (see Numbers 34:8; Joshua 13:5; Judges 3:3). The Brook of Egypt was the southern border, (see Numbers 34:5; Joshua 15:4, 47).

The people assembled from the northern border to the southern border. They celebrated for 2 weeks, (see 1 Kings 9:45). According to this verse, Solomon provided a feast for the entire country for both weeks. Solomon made sure there was always abundant food. It was his commodity.

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