Our son wasn’t feeling well last week. The doctor put him on antibiotics but he was still run down. He offered to pay me to do his laundry. I convinced him to let me wash all his bedding, too.

The washer and dryer were humming along when he finally woke up Saturday morning. I figured I had 2 loads of bedding left to wash. He asked what he owed me.

“I’m not taking any money, but if I get sick, you have to wash 6 loads of my laundry!”

He had a miraculous recovery and washed the last 2 himself! When I told David about it, he commented, “We should charge for each load.” I disagreed because soon we will be the only ones using the washer and dryer.


The Arabs paid fees to Solomon. They had to pass through Israel to reach Africa and the Mediterranean Sea. Those bringing spices from the east and west also paid tribute. Solomon taxed everyone who came through the country.

“1 Kings 10:15, “In addition, he collected from the merchantmen and the traffic of the spice merchants and from all the kings of Arabia and the governors of the country.” Modern English Version

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