There was a miscommunication at practice. (It happens when you are talking across a large platform.) I was playing the introduction in question. We weren’t together and everyone thought it was for a different reason.

I played that introduction so many times, I started to think I was doing it wrong! Finally, the music director came over to the keyboard and watched my hands. He said I was playing it right. But after hearing several people say “it’s wrong” you start to believe them.

Job 17:9, “The righteous also will hold to his way, and he who has clean hands will be stronger and stronger.” Modern English Version


“The guarantee Job asked for (v. 3) is not provided, so he feels that God is responsible for making him an object of scorn.” New International Study Bible Notes

Even those with clean hands grow weak. Those enduring a long battle get worn down. If we don’t hold them up in prayer and encourage them, they will start to believe the lies.

Isaiah 35:3, “Strengthen the weak hands, and support the feeble knees.” Modern English Version

The good news is – God will restore them!

“When God restores you, it doesn’t matter who’s fighting against you. When he raises you up, no one can keep you down.”

“The Word for You Today”

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