This week I was asked to do a kind deed for someone our family loved. The request did not come from one in authority. I am under the authority of the Pastors of FCOC because God led us there. Years ago, I was in a fellowship with the requester, but they too moved to another fellowship.

I wrestled with my decision and sought advice from my family. Some said to honor the request “to plant good seeds” or “to show our love.” But David and mom said, “No.” I asked God to give me undeniable direction.

1 Kings 13:9, “For so I was commanded by the word of the Lord, saying: You shall eat no bread, nor drink water nor return by the same way that you came.” Modern English Version

Doing this good deed would require me to return by the same way that I came. Returning has consequences. When we step out of the path God has placed before us, we also step out from under His covering. We are no longer walking in freedom.

In today’s story, the old prophet did not understand why the man of God could not eat or drink. He used the most dangerous words . . .

“. . . God told me to tell you . . .”

God speaks to us directly. Everything He speaks will line up with the Bible. When someone gives us a “word” or direction, it will agree with what God has already been telling you.

If we give in to peer pressure, we will pay a price. The prophet lied to the man of God, (see 1 Kings 13:18), and obeying the prophet instead of God cost him his life.

When I read the request, my gut told me to say, “No.” My husband, mother, and this Bible verse confirmed it. Others will not understand my refusal but I am not willing to give up my freedom.

Psalms 119:45, “I will walk about in freedom, for I have sought out your precepts.” New International Version

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