The Lord was with Jehoshaphat king of Judah because:

  1. He walked according to the previous ways of his father David, 2 Chronicles 17:3.
  2. He did not seek other gods, 2 Chronicles 17:3.
  3. He sought God and walked in His commandments, 2 Chronicles 17:4.
  4. His heart was for the ways of the Lord, 2 Chronicles 17:6.
  5. He removed the idols and altars of other gods, 2 Chronicles 17:6.
  6. He commanded the “Book of the Law” (the Bible) taught to all the people, 2 Chronicles 17:7-9.

How did God respond?

2 Chronicles 17:10, “The terror of the Lord came on all the kingdoms of the land that surrounded Judah, and they did not bring war against Jehoshaphat.” Modern English Version

Why were all the kingdoms afraid? They saw what happened to the Aramean King Ben-Hadad and King Ahab of Israel.

  • When the leaders of the provinces of Israel came out to fight each one killed his man and the Arameans had to flee, 1 Kings 20:19, 20.
  • The man of God told the king of Israel the secret war plans of the Arameans, 1 Kings 20:28.
  • An army of 7000 killed 100,000 Aramean footmen in 1 day, 1 Kings 20:29.
  • The rest of the army fled into Aphek, where a wall fell on 27,000 of them, 1 Kings 20:30.
  • A lion killed a man because he refused to obey the voice of the Lord, 1 Kings 20:36.
  • God brought disaster on Ahab because he sold himself to work evil in the sight of the Lord. During his son’s lifetime, all his male children and the male children of his slaves died, 2 Kings 21:20, 21, 29.

God blessed Jehoshaphat in more ways than sending terror on all the kingdoms of the land that surrounded Judah. 2 Chronicles 17 tells us that he grew strong, (v. 1), his kingdom was firm in his hand, (v. 5), all Judah gave him tribute, (v. 5), he had abundant riches and honor, (v. 5), the Philistines brought him gifts and silver, (v. 11), Arabians brought him 7,700 rams and 7,700 goats, (v. 11), he increased in greatness, (v. 12), he had much property, (v. 12), surrounded by men of war and mighty men of valor, (v. 13).

There was a terrorist attack in St. Petersburg a few days ago. The terrorists are trying to make everyone fear them but they have nothing. Their land is in shambles and their people are starving. The terror of the Lord, not only strikes fear in nations, it brings blessings to His people.

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