Micaiah was a fearless prophet. He spoke the word of the Lord even when Ahab didn’t want to hear it. He spoke of disaster when Ahab wanted to hear prosperity. He spoke the word of the Lord, even when all the other prophets were giving the opposite message.

1 Kings 22:14, “Micaiah said, ‘As the Lord lives, I will speak whatever the Lord says to me.’ ” Modern English Version

I whispered to God, “I wish I were like Micaiah. I wish I only spoke the word of the Lord.”

He replied, “You can. Only speak verses in the Bible. It is the word of the Lord.”

Micaiah was:

  1. hated, 2 Chronicles 18:7.
  2. abused, 2 Chronicles 18:23.
  3. arrested, 2 Chronicles 18:25.
  4. incarcerated, 2 Chronicles 18:26.
  5. starved, 2 Chronicles 18:26.

Speaking only the word of the Lord will not make me popular!

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