I was reading today’s chapters and came to the phrase, “Valley of Berakah.” I wondered what Berakah meant. I googled it and the top sites all said it meant blessing. But these were not Jewish sites. I looked up the verse in the New International Study Bible.

“Berakah means praise.” New International Version Study Bible Text Note

Jehoshaphat sent the praisers into the valley first, see 2 Chronicles 20:21, 22. After their victory, they left the valley praising.

2 Chronicles 20:27, 28, “Then they all returned . . . to Jerusalem with joy because the Lord made them rejoice . . . So they entered Jerusalem with harps, lyres, and trumpets to the house of the Lord.” Modern English Version

After the battle, they plundered their enemies. They found riches and precious jewelry. There was so much that it took them 3 days to carry it all out of the valley, see 2 Chronicles 20:25. The valley was not named for the blessing, but for the praise.

Their joy was not because they acquired riches and jewelry. It was because the Lord won the battle for them, see 2 Chronicles 20:22, 23.

Nehemiah 8:10, “. . . for the joy of the Lord is our strength.” Modern English Version

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