The noble woman from Shunem was wise and full of faith. She believed Elisha would continue to visit and had a guest room built for him. She never asked for anything but trusted God.

After her son died in her arms, she laid him on the bed in the guest room and shut the door. When she told her husband she needed to go to Elisha, he asked why?

2 Kings 4:23, “It will be all right.” Modern English Version

She didn’t tell the servant that accompanied her why she was going to Mount Carmel. When Elisha’s servant asked after her family, she didn’t tell him her son was dead.”

2 Kings 4:26, “It is all right.” Modern English Version

She didn’t even tell Elisha that her son died! Elisha sent Gehazi to lay his staff on the child. The woman did not rush back to her son but said she would wait for Elisha.

Gehazi didn’t know her son was dead. He put the staff on the boy and went back to meet Elisha telling him the boy was asleep. Elisha went to the room and God raised her son from the dead.

* * * * * * *

At the “Cradle of Hope” fundraiser dinner, they had new caterers. I looked at my place setting and said, “Cool, real silverware!”

My sister-in-law quipped, “This is why we can’t go to nice places.”

It is a running joke between the two of us; a one-liner we use when we bump the table or something goes wrong. But it is a negative statement. Melinda and I have both eaten at expensive restaurants. We didn’t spill anything or do anything that would have embarrassed us. We can, and do, go to nice places!

Today I learned from the Shunammite woman to never speak a negative word and my faith will grow. She said to her husband, “It will be all right” and to Gehazi, “It is all right.”

I need to follow her example. When something bad happens, I need to put it aside, shut the door, not tell anyone, (that’s the hardest part), say it is all right, and go to God. Only God can fix it.

Proverbs 18:21, “Death and life are in the power of the tongue, and those who love it will eat its fruit.” Modern English Version

What I say determines if I am eating the fruit of death or the fruit of life.

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