Last night, the choir sang at the Maundy Thursday service. There was a boy in the center of the front row that kept my attention.

Why? It was not because of his spiked mohawk which was around a foot high, although that was great, it was because he didn’t have a book. He sang every word and it impressed me that he memorized it. We need more young men who follow Jesus completely.

Mark 14:51, “A young man followed Him, wearing a linen cloth around himself. . . .” Modern English Version

After the service, I tracked down the young man and shook his hand. I told him I was proud of him for memorizing the music. We were visiting with friends when he happened to come over to where we were and David shook his hand. David also congratulated him for memorizing the music.

He replied, “Actually, I forgot my book.”

How did he sing the piece without the book? He never took his eyes off of the director. (He did say that he memorized that song.)

* * * * * * *

Jesus knew everything that would happen to Him before He died. How did He endure the verbal and physical abuse we read about today? How did He endure the torture we will read about later? He kept His eyes on the director – His Father God.

The hardest part of the crucifixion was not the abuse and the torture. It was not the weight of our sins placed upon Him. It was that moment when He could no longer “see” His Father. That was when He cried. . .

“My God, My God, why have You forsaken Me?” Matthew 27:46; Mark 15:34. Modern English Version

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