My favorite blogger, theinspiredroom.net, wrote about the “2017 Haven Mentors Conference” yesterday. She will be speaking with 16 other bloggers. I read it half-heartedly because attending conferences is not part of God’s plan for me.

Then God spoke to my heart, “Children and puppies grow up. The subjects I have assigned to you are permanent.”

He’s right! I could blog for the rest of my life and never share everything that the Bible has to offer. The economy goes up and down – frugality helps you ride that roller coaster without losing sleep or your peace.

Psalms 42:11, “Why, my soul, are you cast down? Why do you groan within me? Wait for God: I will yet thank HIm, for He is my deliverance and my God.” Modern English Version

Bethel Music uploaded a video 3 days ago that really speaks to me. “Take Courage” featuring Kristene DiMarco reminded me that God is in the waiting.

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