I got up early and wrote in my journal the events of yesterday: “Laura called and asked me to go to “Stuff” (a second-hand store) with her but I was out of the house 5 times this week and declined. She called back and asked David to go with her and then to an Iowa Hawkeye Baseball game. I was home alone…again. I ate leftovers…again. I watched “The Fighting Sea Bees” with John Wayne…again. And fell asleep in the tub…again. Oh, my glamorous life.”

This was my life being housebound. I don’t mind telling you that reliving one of those evenings was depressing. Reading my devotional was like a jolt of lightning!

“God didn’t box you in, you did it to yourself, and you need to take the initiative to break out.”

What am I doing that keeps me boxed in? Am I doing something wrong? How can I break out?

2 Chronicles 25:2, “He did what was correct in the eyes of the Lord, only not with a complete heart.” Modern English Version

After I completed the first year of the Relevant Bible Reading Guide, I started a blog to share it. I did what was correct, but not with my whole heart. Today, I will take the first step breaking out of my box.

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