I got some advice from a friend who has lost a lot of weight – without supplements. She said, “Prayer. Instead of turning to food for comfort, I ask Jesus to be my Comforter.” I took her advice, cut out eating between meals, and lost a few pounds. It’s not easy – it’s a war!

Last night, after finishing my dinner I prayed for strength to resist eating a snack later. God instructed me to go brush my teeth. I fortified myself against an appetite that I was trying to overcome. The battle went on all evening. I prayed, drank water, and moved as far away from the kitchen as possible. I wondered if I could do more.

2 Chronicles 32:5, “He then worked hard to build up all the walls that were broken down and to raise up towers. Then he built another wall outside that one and strengthened the Millo in the City of David. And he made weapons and shields in abundance.” Modern English Version

“What is a Millo?”

“After David conquered the Jebusite ‘stronghold of Zion,’ he . . .  fortified it ‘from the Millo inward’ (2 Samuel 5:7-9). The etymology of the Hebrew word ‘millo’ may be derived from the verb ml’; to ‘fill up.’ ”

From this verse, I learned to:

  1. Repair the walls – Brush my teeth.
  2. Build a tower – Ask Jesus for help.
  3. Build a 2nd wall – Get away from the kitchen.
  4. Fill up the Millo – Drink lots of water.
  5. Make weapons – Buy only healthy foods.
  6. Make shields – Eat fruit instead of sweets.

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