I am a fan of the “Love Comes Softy” series of movies. In the second movie, Clark was chopping wood and cut his leg clear to the bone. There was one doctor who traveled around. He treated the wound and warned them to watch for infection. He would not be back in the area for 3 weeks.

Unfortunately, the wound did become infected and closed up. The herbs Marty put on it could not draw out the infection.

Nate was helping plant the crop and had seen his share of accidents working on various ranches. He instructed Marty to sterilize his hunting knife and heat it up. He cut open the wound to release the infection. He cut the wound in a way to bring healing.

* * * * * * *

When I read today’s verse, I didn’t understand it.

Isaiah 19:22, “The Lord shall strike Egypt. He shall strike it and heal it. Then they shall return to the Lord, and He shall be entreated by them and shall heal them.” Modern English Version

After I read it in the New Living Translation, I understood.

Isaiah 19:22, “The Lord will strike Egypt in a way that will bring healing. For the Egyptians will turn to the Lord, and he will listen to their pleas and heal them.” New Living Translation

* * * * * * *

“Return – for heathen sin and idolatry are an apostasy . . . ” Critical and Explanatory Commentary, Vol. I

Egypt’s sin and idolatry were an infection that would kill them. God struck them to expose it and then He healed them.

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