The plan was to leave at 3:30 p.m., but it was closer to 4 when we took off. We drove to Iowa City to pick up my daughter. She was at an Iowa Hawkeye baseball game with friends. This was the only game they could attend together.

With 3 navigators, our driver ended up in the wrong parking lot to meet her. We turned around and got her in the correct one. That only left 45 minutes for dinner. We decided on Noddle Company because the service would be quicker – but left there later than planned.

I brought my CD of “Olivia Newton-John’s Greatest Hits” and we blasted it on Interstate 80 heading to Davenport. We sang our favorites and joked around on the others. It was “Mother’s Day Out 2.0!”

We drove by the theater twice before finding a parking spot. The hotel next door was hosting prom!

We were getting ready to pay for parking when a couple asked us if we were going to the “Olivia Newton-John Concert.” When we said yes, he informed us,

“It was canceled! We are going to get our refunds. She had a problem with sciatica nerve pain.”

Google confirmed it. My first thought was, “How painful!” followed by, “I have 9 more days of Prednisone for nothing?”

My daughter-in-law’s mom turned to me and said, “I dreamed this happened last night!” God talks to us in our dreams.

Isaiah 29:7, “. . . shall be as a dream of a night vision.” Modern English Version

We huddled together and discussed our options:

  1. Crash the prom.
  2. Go bowling.
  3. Get a fancy dessert because we rushed through dinner.

“I want pie,” I announced.

There was a “Village Inn” about a mile away. We consoled ourselves with pie and took a selfie of our sad faces. But the memories and mishaps will never be forgotten. We probably had more fun on the drive up than we would have had at the concert!

My future daughter-in-law will join our family with full disclosure. There are no more embarrassing stories to tell her! (It relieved me when we arrived home at 10:30 p.m. and she ran into my son’s arms!)

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