When I walked into our church, the music minister asked, “Did you get my message? The bass player called and can’t make it today.”

Yikes! I checked my “cheat sheets” to see if I noted the bass guitar’s entrances on them. I didn’t!

Then I found three, not two, of the songs, were in new keys! I grabbed a notepad from my purse and made a “cheat sheet” of the third song in the new key. (I need to read those lists more slowly!)

On top of that, the Civic Center graciously allowed us to use their keyboard stand to stack the keyboards. I set up the lowest keyboard and felt like I was peeking over it.

I raised the keyboard bench and my foot couldn’t reach the pedals. David got out the blocks of wood I used to use to tip the amp. With the help of Sonese and a few laughs, we taped down the wood and the pedals to the wood.

I felt like a 12-year-old trying to drive a car. I wanted to pull the curtain on the whole kit and caboodle to hide.

I multitasked for the next half hour. While the sound man was setting the levels on everything, I was listening to the songs on youtube.com to find when the bass started playing.

After the service, the drummer (my son) said, “Maybe you shouldn’t play the bass. Your piano playing suffered.” (If he had read yesterday’s post, he would have known why!)

* * * * * * *

I used to multitask, juggling several balls, all the time. But I dropped an important ball last week – besides the one I confessed yesterday.

Mom, my sisters, and I were going to do a “Coffee and Canvas” together. (It is where you all paint the same picture with the help of an instructor.) They sent me the information but I didn’t follow through.

My sister sent a reminder but accidentally sent it to my old number which my husband is now using. He replied, “I don’t like to paint!” as a joke. He told me about it right away but I was busy and decided to call her later. Then I forgot.

When I got up this morning, I made a list of everything I needed to do today. I didn’t want to drop another ball.

Acts 9:6, “. . . Lord, what will you have me do? . . .” Modern English Version

I was sad about letting Mom and my sisters down. Discouraged and a little depressed, I opened my Bible.

Acts 10:4, “. . . Your prayers and your alms have come up as a memorial before God.” Modern English Version

Yesterday, we had a baptismal service. Afterward, I introduced two of them to the children’s pastor.

“This is my sister and her friend, Teresa!”

My sister exclaimed, “I prayed for her for a long time!” 

It is wonderful how God answers prayer and how he connects us together. He keeps us connected, even when we miss out on the “Coffee and Canvas!”

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