That Sermon Was Not Just For My Husband, How Can I Apply It To My Life?

At “Faith Conference” last week, someone mentioned seeds at every service. Each time, I would think of the bag in the basement that is full of seeds in packages and Ziplock bags. I would think, “We really need to find out if those seeds are viable and use them.”

I would mention it to David and he would remind me that our land is clay and we no longer have a garden bed. I explained to him that we would not need a large space but could grow the vegetables in clumps. The idea being there would not be room for weeds to grow.

Then God shocked me by telling me to plant some seeds in a pot inside! I reminded Him all our windows block UV rays, except one. (My houseplants all died when we replaced our windows.)

Our big picture window does not block UV rays but I normally keep the curtains shut when the sun is shining in that window.

Today, I was looking at the window. There is enough floor space for our Christmas tree. I could put a large pot next to the wall behind the sheer curtain. That curtain is wide enough to go around a pot. When the sun is at its hottest, I could close the black out curtains around it, too.

I guess I had better get to work.

2 Thessalonians 3:7, “For you know how you should follow us. For we were not idle among you.” Modern English Version

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