It’s Possible

Pastor Monte Knudsen shared this story before he preached last night:

“I know a woman who always wanted to blog. She had a job she loved but this desire was in her heart. She saw a contest in “Good Housekeeping” and submitted a video to it. She won $75,000. Then “Good Housekeeping” asked her if she would try products and blog about them for a small monthly salary – $5,000.”

Yeah, he wasn’t talking about me.

My friend, Marcella, leaned over and asked, “Doesn’t that encourage you?”

“Nope, my blogs don’t work that way.” 

Two years ago, God told me to remove ads, not to use pop-ups (to get followers), and to never ask for donations. The blog Pastor shared about would be advertising the products she tested. God made it clear I am not to go that route.

Basically, God shut the door to financing my blog naturally. The funds I needed came from other sources. An inheritance paid the first 2 years and winning a court case paid the following 2 years. I closed the website which dropped the bill significantly for 2 years but paying to keep all ads off of both blogs brought the bill back up to $100.00 a year.

God still provided. When I started the blog, I had hoped I could make money on it to cover the fees, but God has other plans.

My devotion today,, was on Acts 20:24, “…finishing the work assigned me by the Lord.”

“To help you discover your life’s assignment, answer these questions: (1) What’s your temperament and what’s your talent?…Peak performers…care deeply about what they do, and their efforts, energies, and enthusiasms are traceable back to that particular mission. (2) Why do you do what you do?…because you believe God’s called you to do it, [or] what your parents, friends, or ego wants you to do. (3) What do you not do well?…discovering what you’re not called to do.”

“Believe You Can” John Mason

Pastor Monte put it this way: “When you are in God’s will you push the gas pedal and the car goes. When you are not in God’s will – you are pushing the car!”

  1. According to the book, “What Color is Your Parachute?” writing suits me. According to my report: I wrote more words than 85% of Grammarly users did and I was more accurate than 79% of them. (I need to work on my keyboarding skills.)
  2. I started the blog after encouragement from my sister and friends. These days, writing for that blog is like pushing a car. (Although, being Frugalfish does stroke my ego.) The idea for this blog came to me when I was 13 and there wasn’t even an internet at that time!
  3. What am I not supposed to do? Anything technical and looking to to supply my financial needs. I’m supposed to look to God. He hasn’t failed me.

Then I read today’s verse –

1 Corinthians 9:13, “Do you not know that those who minister unto holy things live from the things of the temple? And do you not know that those who wait at the altar partake of the altar?” Modern English Version

The Message, says, “…those who offer sacrifices at the altar eat their meals from what has been sacrificed.” God has a plan to provide for me through this blog. He does not need to use ads, pop-ups, or donations.

Luke 1:37, “For with God nothing is impossible.” Modern English Version

* * * * * *

Matthew 19:26, “But Jesus looked at them and said, ‘With men this is impossible, but with God all things are possible.’ ” Modern English Version

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