An Angry Ocean

My sisters, Mom, and I painted at a “Coffee and Canvas” last night. We painted a night sky on the beach. The instructor told us we could make our moon any size we wanted.

I painted my moon and added a circle of light blue around it. My perfectionism took over and I tried to make the moon a perfect circle with the light blue paint.

It looked like a golf ball.

The light blue around it reminded me of the metal cup and when we circled bright blue, around that, I said, “My Moon looks like a golf ball, in the cup, and I’m painting the green.” Everyone laughed. 😀

The next color was a darker blue – I called it “the rough.” We finished our skies with a deep blue. She had us mix in the other blues to “lighten” the sky if we desired. (Yep, my golf ball was sinking into the water.)

I was actually pleased with my “sky” but struggled painting my “ocean.” I painted it with darker shades of blue, a dash of purple, and white foam. Then I made a big mistake – I looked at my sister’s canvas.

She took art in college and when I looked at her ocean, I could hear the waves and smell the salt! There was so much movement in her ocean the instructor called it “An Angry Ocean.”

She used a lot of green shades. I tried adding green to my ocean like she did. It just looked like algae on mine. I should have stuck to painting the ocean as I saw it and not tried to copy hers.

They told us to bring our paintings to the front of the room for a group photo. (Mine was stuck to the protective paper. It took some wiggling to get it off.)

When I got home, I walked in the door with my wet painting in front of me, and said, “Happy Birthday, David!”

“You painted that?”

(I still don’t know if he was impressed or appalled.) :/

* * * * * * *

Today we read where Paul encountered an angry ocean.

Acts 27:14, “But soon afterward a tempestuous wind swept through called the Euroclydon.” Modern English Version

* * * * * * *

“Euroclydon (or in Latin: Euroaquilo) is a cyclonic tempestuous northeast wind which blows in the Mediterranean, mostly in autumn and winter. It is the modern Gregalia (Gregale) or Levanter.”

  • New International Version – A wind of hurricane force, called “the Northeaster.”
  • New Living Translation – A wind of typhoon strength.
  • Berean Study Bible – A cyclone called “the Northeaster.”

After two weeks on the ocean in a hurricane, (see Acts 27:33), I wonder what colors Paul would have used to paint it.

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2 thoughts on “An Angry Ocean

    • You are one amazing artist! I decided to paint over the green later. I think I will take Michele’s advice and put it up somewhere high and far away. It does look better from a distance! lol 😀



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