A Valuable Vessel

I almost didn’t get the job because I was so young. The other applicant was a well-liked grandmother. She would have been awesome in that job!

But Pastor Paul saw my youth as an asset. He felt I was impressionable and he could mold me into the vessel known as a church secretary.

I was that vessel for over two decades but as time went on, my spirit hardened. God found a flaw or defect in me. I became spoiled. (We all have flaws, Romans 3:23).

Jeremiah 18:4, “Yet the vessel that he made of clay was spoiled in the hand of the potter; so he made it again into another vessel, as seemed good to the potter to make it.” Modern English Version

How did God deal with that flaw? He squashed me and started over.

Jeremiah 18:4, “But the jar he was making did not turn out as he had hoped, so the potter squashed the jar into a lump of clay and started again.” Life Application Study Bible

* * * * * * *

“As the potter molded or shaped a clay pot on the potter’s wheel, defects often appeared. The potter had power over the clay, to permit the defects to remain or to reshape the pot….Our strategy should not be to become mindless and passive – one aspect of clay – but to be willing and receptive to God’s impact on us. As we yield to God, he begins reshaping us into valuable vessels.” Life Application Study Bible Notes

Then God reshaped me into a writer. I finished the assignment He gave me when I was 13 – to write this Bible Reading Guide. He knew that defect would work to the surface. He also knew I would not let go of it. He knew He would have to start over to remove it and had a second vessel in mind.

When a flaw or defect comes to light in your life, let it go! Holding on to it will force God to remove it other ways. Keep your heart soft and pliable before God so He can keep using you as the vessel you are today.

No matter what flaws you see in yourself or mistakes you have made never give up! That is what people have done since ancient times.

Jeremiah 18:12, “But they say: ‘There is no hope! But we will walk after our own devices, and each of us will do according to the stubbornness of his evil heart.’ ” Modern English Version

Instead of giving up…

  1. Turn from evil, 18:8.
  2. Repent now, 18:11.
  3. Make your ways good, 18:11.
  4. Do not forget God, 18:15.
  5. Worship only Him, 18:15.
  6. Do not get sidetracked, 18:15.

If you are going through a time of squashing, let go of anything that makes your spirit hard. Just wait until you see the vessel God is forming you into! You’ll love it!

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