Eat What You Find

The last time I was at the library, I checked out mostly western books. My theory was, “If I read about the dusty, old west, maybe it will encourage me to drink more water.”

Unfortunately, western writers, today rely on expletives to sell books. I would read a page or two, and when I saw the first word that I would type in symbols, I dropped it on the floor by my bed. (This is one reason I check out 8 books at a time.)

I just finished a book that told of a lieutenant in the army who teamed up with the Indian Chief Cochise. Some outlaws, who stole army uniforms and then attacked his village, had killed women and children. As they tracked them, he ate what the Indians ate: rats, snakes, tubers, berries, etc. When an Indian was hungry, he would eat whatever he could find in the area.

Ezekiel 3:1, “Moreover, He said to me, son of Man, eat what you find….” Modern English Version

I’m grateful I read this verse today when we are eating out to celebrate my Mom’s birthday!

“You take what comes and make the best of it and when it’s all over, you’ll find that it wasn’t so bad after all….Differing widely in background, they found they had much in common which had nothing to do with environment or culture.”

“Temporary Duty” by Will Cook

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