Seethe the Bones

It was the only medicine used in the Old West. They used it for gunshot wounds, to rebuild strength after childbirth, and to recover from all diseases.

“Marrow Bone Stock”

They made it by putting chunks of marrow bone in a stock pot, added a potato, a carrot, parsnip, onion, stalk of celery, covered it all with water and boiled it all. After an hour or so, they removed the vegetables and let it boil some more. They added water when needed and let it simmer for a day or two or three.

I saw beef marrow bones at “Ray’s Specialty Meats – Meat Market” in New London, IA and talked David into buying me a package. I threw them in the freezer and forgot them.

A year later, I found them in the back. I put them in the Crockpot with a potato, carrot, minced onion and covered them all with water. I set it on high and later that day removed the vegetables.

After 24 hours on low, the broth was fragrant, but there was still marrow in the bones. I decided to let it simmer for a few more days.

It surprised me when I lifted the lid on the third day. All there was left in the Crockpot were: dried, empty bones, a glob of fat, and foam crusted around the edge. I couldn’t see through the condensation on the lid and didn’t notice the water level dropping. I believe I “seethed the bones.”

Ezekiel 24:4, 5, “…Fill it with choice bones;…make it boil well, also seethe its bones in it.” Modern English Version

* * * * * * *

“Seethe: (Of a liquid) bubble up as a result of being boiled.”

God used marrow bones as an example of what would be left after the siege in Jerusalem. They ran out of food. What was left was worthless.

When I failed miserably at making my beef broth, I did what we all do, I asked God, “Why?” He didn’t answer. But when I read the phrase, “seethe the bones,” I knew exactly what that looked like!

God doesn’t explain “Why?” when we are going through life. But He uses every experience to help us. Even bad things. He doesn’t cause bad things to happen, he just works in the background to bring good out of it.

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