Your Oasis

What is found in every oasis in the desert? Water. There is either a spring or a well. I can only imagine how good that water tastes after a day in the desert.

Abraham searched for water everywhere he went. He dug wells, named them, and left them for others to enjoy. Wednesday night we learned about Isaac unstopping the wells Abraham had dug, (see Genesis 26).

“No well, no water; no water, no life. Unstop the wells of life: (1) The Bible, (2) The Holy Spirit, and (3) The house of God.” Monte Knudsen, August 16, 2017

* * * * * * *

Jeremiah 50:6, “…They have gone from mountain to hill and have forgotten their resting place.” Modern English Version

There is no peace in the world. Rest is found in spending time: studying the Bible, praying in the Holy Spirit, in the House of God. Are you tired? Go to church. It’s your oasis.

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