List God’s Feats, Not Your Circumstances

Jeremiah wrote this prayer after he bought a piece of family land from his cousin, (v. 8). He didn’t even know if he would ever see it.

Jeremiah 32:17, “Ah, Lord God! Truly, You have made the heavens and the earth by Your great power and outstretched arm, and there is nothing too hard for you.” Modern English Version

At the time, he was in prison in the court of the guard, (v. 2). The city was under siege by Nebuchadnezzar, (v. 2). They were running out of food, (see Jeremiah 37:21). They were running out of time. The next year was the final year before they captured Zedekiah, (see Jeremiah 32:1; 2 Kings 24:18).

God kept having him prophesy the loss of the city to the Chaldeans and no one wanted to hear it, (vv. 3-5). But in his prayer, Jeremiah did not rehearse his circumstances. He rehearsed the greatness of his God and listed his mighty feats, (vv. 17-22).

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