Doing the King’s Business

Every day, I open my Bible and read the assigned chapters from the “2017 Relevant Bible Reading Guide.” Every day, God speaks to me through His Word.

Every. Day.

I read my chapters before going online to get an update on Hurricane Irma and the other disasters. First, God reminded me of an important Truth.

Daniel 7:9, “…I watched until the thrones were cast down and the Ancient of Days was seated…” Modern English Version

God is still on the Throne! Second, He brought this song to my mind.

He will always be the “King of the World.” Third, He gave me instructions:

Daniel 8:27, “…Afterward I rose up again and did the king’s business….” Modern English Version

According to Isaiah 61:1, 2, 4, the King’s business is to:

  • Preach good news to the poor.
  • Heal the brokenhearted.
  • Proclaim liberty to the captive.
  • Open the prison to those who are bound.
  • Comfort all who mourn.
  • Build the old ruins.
  • Raise up former desolations.
  • Repair waste cities.

I’m too far away to do this for the victims of the recent disasters. But, I can send items with those who can go, donate to organizations on the ground, and donate clothes to the organizations the refugees will be turning to. My assignment for today is to go through my closet and donate clothes.

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