Whoever Remains, Help with Goods

The first person I checked on this morning was my friend in Florida. She has been on my heart and I have prayed for her and her family since I read her husband’s post on Saturday night.

“…We have plenty of water and food. Both generators are full and I have 10 gallons extra…we are in the direct path of her (Hurricane Irma) and should see full impact Sunday evening. Evacuation is not an option, with no gas and roads in gridlock.”

This morning, she posted:

“We have no damage, just no power and lots of debris. We were lucky, some friends of mine lost their whole roof.”

The needs are great. What can I do?

Ezra 1:4, “Whoever remains in any place where he sojourns, let the men of his place help him with…goods,…along with voluntary gifts for the house of God in Jerusalem.” Modern English Version

I am watching for updates from Stewart, who is helping clean up after “Hurricane Harvey.”

Ezra 1:5, “…all those whose spirits God had stirred, rose up to go up to build…” Modern English Version

I can’t do what Stewart is doing, but I can make sure those who go to help, do not go empty-handed.

Ezra 1:6, “So everyone all around them strengthened their hands with…goods…” Modern English Version

I hadn’t thought about it before, but there are probably churches that suffered damage. I am going to look for opportunities to give to those churches.

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