Memorable Acts

Haman was not only evil but very greedy. He wanted to slaughter all Jews, both young and old, little children and women, and to plunder all their possessions, see Esther 3:13.

The Jews acted differently:

  • They assembled to defend their lives, 9:16.
  • They assaulted only those seeking their injury, see Esther 9:2.
  • They didn’t kill those who made peace with them, see Esther 9:16.
  • They didn’t take the plunder, see Esther 9:10, 15, 16.

I believe they left the plunder for the widows and children of their former enemies. They showed mercy. Mordecai made sure these memorable acts were not forgotten. He established the Feast of Purim and told the Jews everywhere to celebrate it every year, see Esther 9:23-32.

Esther 6:1, “During the night the king could not sleep, so he ordered that the book of memorable acts (the chronicles) be brought and they were read to the king.” Modern English Version

The books of 1st and 2nd Chronicles are the memorable acts of King David and the other kings. 1 Chronicles start with the genealogies from Adam to those who returned from exile in Babylon. The final paragraph of 2 Chronicles is King Cyrus’ proclamation allowing the Jews to return to Jerusalem.

The next time you have insomnia, read some of the memorable acts in the Bible!

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