Our God Shall Fight for Us

God does fight for us! But, not when we are sitting in our recliners watching TV all day. Nehemiah chapter 4 shows us what we should do.

The People:

  1. Rebuilt the wall, v. 6.
  2. Worked with passion, v. 6.
  3. Prayed to God, v. 9.
  4. Set a watch day and night, v. 9.
  5. Set guards at the weakest places, v. 13.
  6. Stationed people by families, v. 13.
  7. Provided weapons for all, v. 13.
  8. Stopped being terrified, v. 14.
  9. Remembered the Lord is great and awesome, v. 14.
  10. Fought for their families, v. 14.
  11. Fought for their property, v. 14.
  12. Everyone worked, v. 15.
  13. Prepared everyone to fight, v. 16.
  14. Appointed commanders over every house, v. 16.
  15. Ran to help others being attacked, v. 20.
  16. Labored from sunrise to sunset, v. 21.
  17. Worked during the day, v. 22.
  18. Guarded at night, v. 22.
  19. Slept in their clothes for when they had to fight, v. 23.
  20. Never let their guard down, even when washing, v. 23.

Nehemiah 4:20, “…Our God shall fight for us.” Modern English Version

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