Who Am I?

“When God uses you, people often assume you’re strong and don’t need anything. They don’t realize you’re a regular person who’s half scared to death at times, and who’s more amazed by your success than they are.” facebook.com/thewordforyoutodayusa

Reading the Bible every day is like looking in a mirror, through a magnifying glass…no, make that under a microscope! The more I read it, the more it reveals my flaws, weaknesses, and failures. It’s humbling and sometimes discouraging.

But today’s verse reminded me that God never stops working on me.

Exodus 3:11, “Moses said to God, ‘Who am I…’ ” Modern English Version

That is a sharp contrast to Exodus 2:14 where Moses acted like a prince and a judge! The good news…every one of those flaws, weaknesses, and failures has been forgiven, forgotten, forever.

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