God Sees a Warrior

I’m tired. We drove for two days to spend two days with my brother in Virginia. Then we drove two more days to come home. Can you get jet lag in a car?

I didn’t even do much driving. I was the navigator! Navigators do not get to nap!

I don’t know how professional musicians do it – sleeping in a different bed each night, riding a thousand miles and doing it all over again.

I thought about calling my 80-year-old mother to see how she was doing after our trip. Then I remembered the last time, I called and she wasn’t even home, having resumed her normal schedule.

When 3 cups of coffee and a Mountain Dew failed to perk me up, I gave up and took a nap. If I’m lucky, I will catch up the laundry and finish unpacking today. I feel like such a wimp.

But God sees a warrior!

Exodus 6:26, “It was that Aaron and Moses to whom the Lord said, ‘Bring out the children of Israel from the land of Egypt according to their armies.’ ” Modern English Version

The Israelites saw themselves as slaves living under cruel bondage. God saw them as armies. Each family was an army. We see people; God sees their potential.

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