A Day to Recharge

I finally finished unpacking yesterday. I returned from my trip at midnight on Tuesday. It should not take six days to unpack 1 suitcase!

I just didn’t have the energy. I worked very hard preparing for my trip, but since I returned, I’ve not accomplished anything. My mind says, “Go clean the house” and my body says, “Turn on the TV!”

It’s more than the trip that tired me out. It was the Sundays.

Normally on Sunday, I get a good workout setting up and tearing down the keyboards. I eat lunch, put on my pajamas, and go to bed.

“It’s never too early to put on your pajamas.” Rachel Wonderlich, 2015

That’s it. I nap, watch a movie, and read. I leave my phone in the office and even ignore Facebook! My Fitbit rests next to my phone. It goes off every hour telling me to “Get Moving” but I can’t hear it in the bedroom.

I missed my day of rest on the Sunday before the trip. We had a birthday dinner. (When I say “day of rest” I mean relaxing until Monday morning.) There was very little rest on our trip and last Sunday was the Nursing Home Service and Connect Group.

Usually, on the weekend of the Nursing Home Service, I make Saturday my “day of rest.” Not this month, David wanted to go out of town to look at recliners. (I jump at any excuse to get a night off from cooking!) I thought about crashing yesterday, but I had a funeral and library books that were due.

God didn’t tell us to rest on the Sabbath because He is mean. He designed our bodies to work for 6 days and to recharge on the 7th day.

Exodus 20:9, 10, “Six days you shall labor and do all your work, but the seventh day is a Sabbath…” Modern English Version

Looking at my calendar, I see an appointment on this Sunday. I guess Saturday will be my “day of rest.” I may take two days this week. My birthday is Friday and I already blacked it out on my schedule!

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