Methods and Processes

Monday, I sent Christmas pictures of each family to our children. Yeah, I know Christmas is 2 months away. These were Christmas, 2016 pictures! I had the goal of sending them, but I didn’t have a plan.

“First a goal, then a plan, then a process.”

“The Great Investment” by T. D. Jakes

I wrote a note on Monday and began the process.

  1. Download the pictures from the camera to my computer.
  2. Download the messenger app to my computer.
  3. Choose the best shots and send them to each child.

Leviticus is full of instructions of offering sacrifices. God’s goal was to make atonement for each sin. His plan was to substitute an animal to pay the price for each sin. We are reading the chapters that detail the process.

Leviticus 4:20, “He shall do to this bull just as He did to the bull of the sin offering…” Modern English Version

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