To Baste or Not to Baste

Each Thanksgiving, we wash and dry the turkey, and then slather a stick of butter all over it. We roast it on 500° for 30 minutes to melt the fat at the bottom of the bird. (Yes, this usually sets off the smoke detectors!)

After half an hour, we lower the heat to 325° to finish roasting the turkey. We leave the oven closed and do not baste the turkey for two reasons: 1) I want the drippings to make gravy, and 2) opening the oven door releases heat making the roasting process take longer. The longer the turkey roasts, the drier it becomes.

Today I read God put the fat on top, too!

Leviticus 9:20, 21, “They put the fat pieces on the breasts, and he burned the fat on the altar. But the breasts and right thigh Aaron waved for a wave offering before the Lord just as Moses commanded.” Modern English Version

The priests cooked and ate the wave offering later, (see Numbers 18:11). They were given white meat, the breast, and dark meat, the thigh. The fat on top coated the breast just like we coat our Thanksgiving turkey with butter.

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