He is Clean

At the June 2012 Faith Conference, one of the speakers admonished us to record answers to prayer. That summer, David had a black mole cut off his shoulder. The tests showed it was melanoma. He went back and they cut more off. In August, I recorded my first answer to prayer for healing. The tests came back that David was cancer-free.

I kept recording answers to prayer on that page. Two years later, I noticed a clear bump on David’s forehead. They determined it was basal cell carcinoma. Once again, they cut deeper and on December 2014, I recorded that he was cancer-free again.

Last month, they cut off a suspicious spot on his arm. The tests revealed it was some type of cancer starting with an “S.” I didn’t even bother to find out its name. As I pray for David, I see the other times God healed cancer on the right-hand side of my prayer list. It builds up my faith.

On Tuesday, he will go to have more flesh cut off his arm. I look forward to the report.

Leviticus 13:17, “…He is clean.” Modern English Version

I believe I will be adding another entry in my answered prayer list – “David cancer free, November 2017.”

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