Cut Off!

Yesterday, we went back to the dermatologist. He cut off a spot on David’s arm a few weeks ago that was less than an inch in size. It contained cancerous cells and we were there to have more flesh around the area removed.

David left the office with a 4-inch incision and 8 stitches! I thought,

“That was harsh!”

We went through a drive-through for dinner on the way home. David’s credit card was denied. We both laughed because you can barely read the numbers on his card. We figured the magnetic strip had finally worn out. I dug out my card.

“It was denied!”

I pulled cash out of my wallet to pay for dinner while David called the credit card company. (At least talking on the phone elevated his arm!) It turns out, he didn’t recognize a charge on the card, and when he reported it, they closed the account without telling us!

“That was harsh!”

When it comes to cancer or fraud, you have to be harsh. You do not want to leave one cancerous cell or one opening for fraud to be repeated. God saw disrespect of the holy things as cancer and approaching the altar knowing you are unclean as a fraud, (see Leviticus 22:2).

Leviticus 22:3, “Say to them: Whoever from your offspring through your generations approaches the holy things, which the children of Israel have dedicated to the Lord, while he has uncleanness, that person shall be cut off from My Presence: I am the Lord.” Modern English Version

* * * * * * *

Cut off from My Presence. Excluded from the worshiping community.” New International Version Study Bible Notes

* * * * * * *

“Why were there so many specific guidelines for the priests? The Israelites would have been quite familiar with the priests from Egypt. Egyptian priests were mainly interested in politics. They viewed religion as a way to gain power. Thus, the Israelites would have been suspicious of the establishment of a new priestly order. But God wanted his priests to serve Him and the people. Their duties were religious – to help people draw near to God and worship Him. They could not use their position to gain power because they were not allowed to own land or take money from anyone. All these guidelines reassured the people and helped the priest accomplish their purpose.” Life Application Study Bible Notes



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