Jealous Husband

David has fought a cold for two weeks. He spent Saturday watching football in our bedroom with the vaporizer running. After church, he put pajamas on and rested again.

Later in the afternoon, Derek noticed the NyQuil on the counter was the “sleep aid” not the “cold and cough.” It wasn’t helping David much. I laughed and thought, “That’s a status.”

I snuck into my office and posted what happened on Facebook. Two minutes later, God nudged me, and reminded me of this morning sermon, “Didn’t Pastor Monte Knudsen say: Don’t make your spouse the butt of your jokes?”

I hung my head. I went back to my office and deleted the post.

Pastor Monte gave us four hedges of protection for our marriages:

  1. Flirt only with your spouse.
  2. Don’t be alone with the opposite sex.
  3. Break pornography from your life.
  4. Run from sexual sin.

Flirting with others causes jealousy. God knew a man could become jealous, even when his wife was innocent. He told the priests what to do when a husband became jealous.

Numbers 5:14, “And if the spirit of jealousy comes on him, and he is jealous of his wife who has defiled herself, or if the spirit of jealousy comes on him and he is jealous of his wife, though she has not defiled herself.” Modern English Version

Jealousy is a spirit. It has no business in our homes or marriages.



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